Best Coffee Shops in New Braunfels

From amazing craft-beer spots to a perfect park to spend a sunny day, New Braunfels offers a myriad of different things, but nothing is quite a staple like a great local coffee shop.

Coffee shops are cozy places to spend solo time or catch up with your friends. They’re invigorating spots to fuel up on fine brews, munch on baked goodies, and spend time as you wish.

Searching for the best brews in New Braunfels? We’ve curated a list of the best coffee shops for you. Coffee aficionados will certainly love these 5 interesting local coffee shops in New Braunfels:

1. Boba Tea & Java Haus

The charming Boba Tea & Java Haus offers a variety of drinks from coffee to bubble tea. It’s run by a family, Nusha Bladiniers and her daughters. They serve a health-conscious menu as well. This covers organic coffee beans and matcha drinks.

The bubble tea, however, sets this cafe apart as the tapioca is home-made and includes a wide spectrum of flavors. The inclusion of bubble tea is born out of the love of the owner’s daughters of the Taiwanese drink.

The best thing about Boba Tea & Java Haus is that you have the option of combining any flavors you desire. Try the taro and the horchata family recipe created by the grandmother.

This coffee shop offers a variety of options and makes you feel right at home with its welcoming ambiance. Pair your espressos with homemade macaroons, almond sticks, and pastries.

bubble tea new braunfels

Another fascinating thing about this coffee shop is the individual creative spirit it exudes. This is apparent in their furniture stains and hanging artworks on the walls. They also feature a Prayer Wall where one can hand over prayer requests.

2. Treat Coffee

Originally based in Stahlmann’s at Bear Creek, the owner, Theresa Russo, transferred to FM 2673 this year. The coffee shop is designed with an outdoor setup. It offers picnic tables and covered seating for customers to lounge around. This inspires the customers to enjoy themselves.

Treat has become a central hub for Startzville communities where neighbors converged and got to know each other. The owner’s passion for specialty coffee drinks is evident as locals have their own favorites such as White Angel mocha and Flapjack frappe.

Focusing on top ingredients such as Ghirardelli chocolate and Torani syrup, Treat makes sure to deliver only the best to its customers. The fair-trade beans come from Redbud Roasters in San Marcos.

When you find yourself around Canyon Lake, make sure to make a stopover and taste Treat’s coffee. Its doors are open from Tuesday to Friday from 6:30 AM to 2 PM and on Saturdays, from 7 AM to 2 PM.

3. On The Grind

On The Grind is famous as the first stand-alone drive-thru coffee shop. Thus, it earns a loyal clientele among other local shops. OTG is cast as one of the most extraordinary coffee shops in New Braunfels for its stellar customer service.

This is reminiscent of the owner, Mark Parmalee’s, caring approach which began when he opened the business last June 2013.

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Initially, Parmalee operated the coffee shop daily and his and the staff’s dedication paid off. They were quick on their feet, friendly, and matched their coffee with convenient service.

The queue grew longer as good word was shared by the community. On The Grind’s hallmark are its company culture’s optimism and positivity.

OTG has opened four stores in New Braunfels after 6 years. Coffee lovers can find one in Seguin and can anticipate another branch. There are two additional ones in Cibolo and Universal City. OTG is expected to add more shops but it remains faithful to bringing cheer to its customers daily.

4. Zenzero Artisan Gelato

Reminding you of a trendy Italian cafe, Zenzero Artisan Gelato serves its customers with delectable sweets and savory crepes, affogato al cafe, and Illy espresso. This unique charm makes it one of the most memorable coffee shops in New Braunfels.

The Italian tradition is the central concept of Zenzero. It’s owned and managed by Peter Palmieri and Emma Diaz de Leon.

Trieste, Italy is known for being the coffee capital of the country. This is where Peter spent his growing years. The University of Coffee is prominent and is in Trieste. You can also discover a myriad of old-world cafes here with some even starting in the 1800s.

Illy coffee is frequently the coffee of choice by Italians. Small wonder that Zenzero uses Illy coffee making it distinctive for being the sole coffee shop serving this production bean in New Braunfels.

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Peter celebrates his signature drinks such as the Bora Bora, the Emma, and the Affogato al caffe. The Bora Bora is made by blending 2 scoops of gelato with cocoa powder and Illy espresso. Emma is crafted from cinnamon steamed with milk and combined with honey poured over in Illy espresso.

The Affogato al caffe is made with 2 scoops of gelato soaked with espresso. The coffee shop opened its doors to the public in April 2017.

5. 2Tarts Bakery

Right smack in downtown New Braunfels is where 2Tarts is located. They’re the brainchild of two sisters, April Weilbacher and Ashley Landerman.

They welcomed their first customers last July 2010. 2Tarts is a bakery that started with the team-up of the siblings selling their homemade pastries in the Farmers Market. They serve top-caliber baked goods created from square one. In just a few months, they opened their coffee shop in New Braunfels.

Initially, 2Tarts prepared pour-over for its customers. Later, they got an espresso machine and their little black beans grew in popularity along with their highly featured cakes. In a span of two years, 2Tarts has furnished a cozy ambiance and fast-casual vibe.

The coffee shop attracts a mix of crowds ranging from moms, students, and local entrepreneurs. They spend their time relaxing, catching up on work, or buckling down to study inside the coffee shop.

Opened daily, 2Tarts has a rotating variety of food from their breakfast menu to baked goods, specialty coffee, and espresso, all available in its homey dining spot and coffee bar area.

Bottom Line

There are so many great areas and locations to visit in New Braunfels, but a good coffee shop is always an important staple. So try these amazing coffee shops in New Braunfels if you ever find yourself in the area!

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