Resident Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a rental application?

Anyone who will be living in the property and is over 18 shall apply and be named on lease should the applications be approved. You may visit to apply and pay for the application via debit/credit card.

Is it possible to apply for a property that I haven't viewed?

Yes, Limestone Country Properties takes pride in having all the latest technology available to our tenants to make renting sight unseen an ease. Should you decide to apply without seeing the property if application is approved Limestone Country Properties would need the security deposit within 48 hours of application being approved. Once deposit is received lease would be sent to email address on application to be signed. A sight unseen waiver must be signed at lease signing for any properties that have not been physically walked through by tenant/applicant.

How can I visit a property?

To view a property visit From our list of available listings, you can choose what property you would like to see. Directly on listing you can schedule a showing from the available times. Some properties will be self-showing which means you can schedule the showing at a time convenient for you.

Do I have to sign a lease?

Yes. The majority of our properties come with a 12-month lease however you may be able to sign a longer-term lease. The lease states the responsibilities of both sides covering the whole tenancy period. Lease and deposit must be received within 48 hours of application approved to take property off market and secure it for your tenancy.

What is your security deposit policy?

Security deposit are typically equal to one month’s rent. Security deposits must be received within 48 hours of application being approved. Security deposits can be paid by money order or certified check only.

How do the rent payments work?

Your rent is due on the first day of every month. We offer a variety of payment options:

  • Pay online. Click here to access the system. Use Tenant Login to view your account balance as well.
  • Use PayNearMe to pay at an available retail location Please note that cash payments aren't accepted due to security reasons.

When do you increase the rent?

Rent increases usually happen after the lease term expiration. Of course, it is not always increased. If you sign a longer-term lease you will be guaranteed the same rent amount for the duration of the lease you sign.

What could I do to waive the late rent fees?

We aren't able to waive any late rent fees. Our late charge policy complies with Fair Housing Laws. We treat all tenants equally.

What happens if I can't pay the rent on time?

Immediately call our accounts receivables department. Failing to contact could lead to an eviction.

Am I allowed to have a roommate?

Yes, but every roommate needs to get approval. You can do this using a rental application form. After filling out the form, pay the application fee, and wait for the screening results. Skipping any of these steps violates the lease and could lead to termination.

What kind of situations are emergencies?

Emergencies threaten human lives and/or cause property damage. For example, a burst pipe flooding the home and a broken heater during the cold season are definitely emergencies.

What's the pet policy?

The pet policy depends on the terms in each specific lease agreement. When you already have a pet and you want to add an extra one, please call our office first. We will process every request separately depending on the lease terms.

Can I change the locks or make any changes to the property?

No, you would violate the lease agreement terms. It's possible to install new locks or make changes, but then you have to write a request. Your request must be approved first before any changes are made and the owner of the property will give specific instructions.

Can managers and staff enter my home when I'm not there?

If there's a need to enter the property, we'll notify you beforehand. There are many possible reasons for the entrance of managers or staff. For example, landlords may enter the home for emergency repairs. Regular maintenance is preferably carried out when you are home and able to allow contractors in the home.

Do I need renters insurance?

Yes, all the tenants need to have renters insurance before moving in. You have to show a renters insurance confirmation before getting the keys. You must also add Legacy Property Management as additional interest to your insurance policy.