Rental Application

Dear Prospective Tenant,

Applications will be processed in the order received. We will accept the first qualified applicant. There is a non-refundable application fee of $65.00 per applicant. The application fee must be in the form of money order or cashiers check made payable to Limestone Country Properties or submitted online with your online application. If we do not process your application due to accepting earlier applicant, your fee will be refunded. In order to verify your application, it is your responsibility to provide us with information necessary to verify your application. We reserve the right to deny your application; if after making a good faith effort, we are unable to verify your information. We may require up to five (5) business days to process an application fully.

Apply Now

When applying for one of our properties you must submit:

Rental Application:

Each potential applicant at least 18 years of age must complete a separate rental application. Any omissions or falsification may result in rejection of the applicant or termination of the lease. The application shall become part of the rental agreement. Click HERE to fill out an online application.

Employment & Income

We require one (1) year of verifiable employment history from unbiased sources. If this requirement cannot be met, we may (at our option) reject your application or require a qualified cosigner. Present and/or previous employers will be contacted. We must be able to independently verify the amount and stability of your income (i.e. through pay-stubs, employer source contact or tax records). Business license, tax records, bank accounts or credit references may be required with self employed or retired. Income must be three (3) times the amount of the monthly dollar amount of the lease.

Residency History

We require two (2) years favorable rental history from unbiased sources. If blood, marriage, friendship or a personal relationship exists between you and the previous landlords, we may require (at our option) a qualified cosigner on your rental agreement. Present and previous landlords will be contacted.

We consider a number of factors: conduct as a tenant, prompt rental/mortgage payments, proper notice of termination and condition of property at move out when evaluating tenancy. Negative behavior (including unlawful acts, verbal or physical intimidation, or aggressive or disruptive behavior) on the part of the applicant, applicants family and/or guests may disqualify an applicant. If you owned your previous residence, please furnish mortgage company reference and proof of ownership or transfer. This requirement may be waived if sufficient information can be obtained from the credit report.


We will only allow two roommates to occupy the property and each roommate must qualify separately. Each roommate is fully responsible for the entire rental payment and each must execute all rental documents.

Credit Reports

An unsatisfactory credit report may disqualify an applicant from renting the property; an unsatisfactory credit report is one that reflects a history of slow or bad payments, high balances on outstanding accounts or excessive negative public record data. A minimum score of 580 (on a scale of 300 to 850) is required for further consideration. Applicants will be disqualified if their credit includes negative rental-related activity such as unpaid collections or bad debt charge-off from apartments/landlords.


A maximum of three (3) pets are permitted. Applicant must execute a pet agreement before a pet is allowed in the property. Pets should not exceed 50 pounds (full grown) for a home measuring up to 1100sq feet and 180 pounds (full grown) for homes measuring 1101 square feet and up. Not all landlords allow pets on/in the property; therefore all pets will need to be approved by landlord prior to processing the application and a picture of the pet(s) must be provided with application. Pet fees and/or pet deposits will be required as well as rental insurance.


Two (2) vehicles are permitted. Additional vehicles will need to be approved and will depend on the properties availability for parking and will require landlord’s approval. Recreational vehicles, boat, jet skis, trailers etc. are not permitted and will need to be stored off premises.

Water Furniture

Water furniture is not permitted above the first floor. Fish tanks will be considered up to a max of 20 gallons and will need landlord’s approval.


Occupancy is limited to two (2) persons per bedroom. Children under the age of five (5) are not included as part of this restriction.

We will hold a vacant property for approximately ten days (10) before the lease must start, however a lease must be signed and the security deposit paid within two (2) days of acceptances.

You will be denied rental if

You misrepresent any information on the application. If misrepresentations are found after the agreement is signed, your rental agreement will be terminated.

In the last five (5) years you

  • have a conviction for a felony or have a felony case pending against you in the court of law
  • have been convicted of any type of crime that would be considered a serious threat to real property or to other residents peaceful enjoyment of the premises
  • have been convicted of a manufacture, distribution of a dangerous or controlled substance.

It usually takes two (2) business days to process your application. You can help the process by letting your current landlord and employer know someone will be making inquires. If information can not be verified within three (3) business days, the application will be denied.