Why Hire Limestone Country Properties?

Trying to find a property manager in Texas Hill Country with proven results?

You’ve found your team! At Limestone Country Properties, we’re ready to take on the challenge of making the most of your investment.

We live and work in one of the fastest growing regions in all of the United States. This means you’ll need a company that is flexible and committed, in order to make the most of your rental property. We’ll work hard to ensure you’re maximizing profits on your investment for years to come.

Our property management expertise comes from years of experience in real estate. We’ve worked extensively to help investors and home owners develop real estate portfolios, and have relieved over a hundred property owners of the headache of managing their own properties.

With Limestone Country Properties taking care of your property, you’ll experience the true bliss of earning passive income.

The Benefits of Choosing Limestone Country Properties

There’s a long list of annoying tasks that inevitably come with owning a rental property. These tasks include:

  • Collecting the rent
  • Managing tenants
  • Marketing listings
  • Repairs and maintenance

These tasks would take up a lot of your precious time and energy. That’s why so many property owners leave them in the capable hands of property management companies.

With numerous property management companies available, how can you be sure you’re picking the team that puts you and your investment at the biggest possible advantage? What separates good property management companies from great ones?

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll receive by letting Limestone Country Properties serve your rental property investment:

1. You Can Avoid Vacant Rental Units

Those who own rental properties know that there’s no worse drain on an owner’s profit than vacant units. That’s why we’re so dedicated to posting and marketing your property on over a hundred listing services that will attract high-quality tenants.

In addition, we don’t charge management fees when your property is vacant. That means we’re as dedicated as you are to finding that perfect tenant to fill your unit.

Texas Hill Country property management

2. We Can Find the Perfect Tenant the First Time

One of the trickiest parts of managing your own rental property is properly screening tenants. After all, picking a perfect tenant requires a human resources skillset, screening resources, and experience.

Luckily, we’ll take care of the entire screening process for you. We know how to find good tenants and to verify that they have a history of respecting units, paying the rent on time, and acting dependably.

3. You Won’t Waste Your Energy Chasing Rent

Collecting rent from tenants is one of the biggest pains in managing your own rental property. It can be tricky for beginners to stay on top of payments coming in, and it can be touchy to repeatedly remind renters when they’re late.

We’ve established rent collection methods that have had proven success. These methods begin right from the tenant selection process, attracting tenants who have a history of paying rent on time. Our rental agreements and flexible payment methods are also designed to keep your rental income flowing with consistency.

4. You Can Save Time and Get Discounts with Our Contractors

A major time-waster when owners attempt to manage their own rental property as beginners can be researching and querying companies to conduct maintenance and repairs. After all, there are plenty of companies out there, and not all of them are reputable.

Luckily, we have long-standing relationships with local contractors. We strive to only work with the most fair and reliable companies, which means we can provide quality work at the right price for your property.

If a major repair is deemed necessary, we’ll collect three bids from local contractors and present them to you to simply choose the best option. Knowing that your property is in the hands of reputable repairpeople will take a load off your mind.

property management texas hill

5. Let Us Keep Your Investment’s Paperwork in Order

When people dream of owning a rental property, they aren’t likely to spend much time fantasizing about the paperwork that such an investment involves. Keeping your records up to date and in order is challenging and is not fun, which is why we’d love to handle it for you.

We’ll sent up an online portal you can check 24 hours a day to see the income you’re generating, your expenses, any repair costs, and your profit margins. We’ll provide you with financial statements that are easy to read and will make doing your taxes a breeze.

The Bottom Line

Thriving as a rental property owner is challenging, but getting results is undeniably satisfying. If you partner with us, we’ll use our experience and connections to get your property operating at maximum capacity, so you’ll be free to focus on your other projects or investments.

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring your property is ready to roll. Whether it’s marketing your property, screening tenants, collecting rent, maintenance contracts, monitoring repairs, conducting helpful inspections, or preparing statements, we’re ready to get our ambition and know-how working for you.

When it comes to making the most of your rental property investment, there is nothing more important than establishing transparent relationships that you can rely on at any time. With Limestone, you’ll be off to a huge headstart. We have amassed top-quality team members. You’ll immediately be within a network of proven experts, all working together to serve you and your investment.

Our mission is to help you build your dreams with a rock solid service. To get started, give us a call so that we can tell you more about our excellent Texas Hill Country property management services and how you can get them working for you right away.