​​Why Successful Real Estate Investors Partner with Property Management Companies

Ultimately, property owners must decide whether to handle all the management on their own or partner with property management companies that have vast experience and local expertise. Each has its pros and cons.

Taking care of a rental unit can mean saving on management fees, but you also need to account for the time you spend working. Because you might end up spending more in terms of money and time by correcting rental management mistakes.

A property management company helps you oversee your rental operation and attend to the daily tasks of operating a rental home. This article will showcase the benefits that property management companies bring to landlords.

What Is Investment Property Management?

Rental property management is assigning a provider to manage your rental space and maintain its upkeep, while also providing the best service to renters. Property management firms handle the daily tasks and ensure the rental operation is running smoothly.

Once a tenant turnover occurs or a lease expires, the property manager looks for a new renter quickly. They prepare the rental space, perform property inspections, craft leases, collect the rent, and manage maintenance and repairs.

What Are The Responsibilities of Investment Property Managers?

Though most property owners evaluate property management fees, you need to view it as an investment. The advantages reward landlords and help them succeed in the industry by earning optimal returns and reducing their stress.


Here are some benefits you can expect from a property manager:

  • Collects rent on time from the tenants.
  • Responds promptly to tenants’ maintenance requests.
  • Handles tenant complaints.
  • Markets rentals effectively and lands high-quality renters.
  • Ensures financial records are detailed and organized.

What Is The Cost of Hiring an Investment Property Manager?

Management costs are the typical concern of landlords, and this can vary widely. The standard in the industry often sticks to 10% of the rent collection. Still, others are bound to price additional services higher.

At times, management fees can be as low as 8% or can reach 12%, depending on the service quality a property management company delivers.

Is Hiring Property Management Company A Worthy Investment?

Most landlords would choose to engage the services of a property manager for various reasons.

One of them is that some prefer to have direct control over their time rather than running between multiple tasks maintaining the rental space, accommodating tenant requests, and performing vital tasks of tenant marketing and screening.

Another reason is that not all landlords have the requisite skills and characteristics to manage a property and their renters. It’s a people-oriented job, so you need to have the patience to deal with different personalities.


Other property owners also lack legal and local expertise, and the learning curve needs to be considered to gain ample expertise. Not everyone has the time nor the inclination since some prefer to chase after opportunities to grow their rental property portfolio.

Property managers provide value to real estate investors through:

Applying marketing expertise: Given that property managers have solid industry experience and developed excellent skill sets in handling rentals, they can offer better and streamlined ways of operating the rental property.

They can also attract the right target market that provides a consistent rental income.

Sharing local market knowledge: Property managers are attuned to the rental market demand and the prevailing economy, so they can set accurate rental pricing compared to property owners who are not as immersed.

Performing property showings: Local property managers can tour tenants on your behalf, which is very useful for long-distance landlords. They won’t need to commute back and forth to show prospective renters the vacant unit.

Attending to tenants: It’s important to cultivate landlord-tenant relations and some landlords have limited time to manage tenant requests and resolve tenant issues along with managing holdover tenants.

As a professional representative, a property management company can run tenant screening, collect due rental payments, enforce the lease, communicate with renters when complaints are reported, start the eviction process, and more.


Dealing with maintenance and repairs: Property managers have built a long-term network of vendors that can perform repairs to keep your rental unit in its best state.

What Are The Advantages of Hiring A Rental Property Management Company?

The benefits of engaging the services of property managers are plenty. They add more value by reducing the stress levels of property owners, communicating with potential tenants and current renters, and bringing in a professional management standard.

Their experience and knowledge are deeper, helping landlords navigate complex situations and challenging property emergencies.

The tasks of property managers include assigning the right rental price, collecting the rent, marketing, managing tenant relations, coordinating repairs, scheduling property inspections, and more.

If you’re a landlord with two or more units, it can be taxing to oversee the rental operations on your own. With the help of an expert property management company, you’ll be able to

  • Find top-quality residents: Management firms have effective tenant screening procedures, which filter the bad renters from the good ones and avoid rental scams.
  • Shorten vacancies: Property managers have powerful strategies for attracting renters quickly and keeping them happy and satisfied.
  • Apply efficient procedures: Property managers have streamlined systems that provide convenient ways for renters to pay the rent, submit a tenant request, and more.
  • Enforce the lease: Property managers help landlords in carrying out the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
  • Minimize legal risks: Property management companies can keep renters from getting involved in lawsuits by having a deep understanding of Texas laws and ensuring legal mistakes are avoided.

Bottom Line

When you hire a property management company, you acquire a dedicated team supporting your business goals by providing top-of-the-line services. Mistakes are downright minimal, establishing more trust from the renters.

They can also ensure you gain consistent returns and keep your renters loyal by maintaining outstanding relations.

If you’re looking for a reliable property management company, contact Limestone Country Properties today!

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