New Braunfels Outdoor Recreation

As cities continue to grow and people flock toward more urban areas, the need for recreational spaces grows as well.

Residents of many big cities complain that they have a lack of access to recreational facilities, where they can get a much-needed change of pace.

Well, the same can’t be said about New Braunfels, Texas. This city is known for its leisure and is a target destination for both domestic and international tourists. The city has a plethora of activities that make it a joy to live in.

The good thing about New Braunfels is that there's something for everyone! It has the Comal and Guadalupe rivers that host several water activities. There are also numerous parks where you can enjoy the beauty of nature as you admire the beautiful scenery.

New Braunfels has also stayed true to its Germanic roots, and therefore has a lot of historic buildings, such as Gruene Hall.

There are also indoor activities for those who prefer to stay indoors. There are fitness centers, martial arts centers, dance centers, gymnastics and museums where you can get to enjoy a multitude of activities. However, indoor activities won't be the focus of this article.

In this article, we here at Limestone Country Properties, a premier property management company in New Braunfels, will list several outdoor recreational options available in our lovely town.

We've been in operation in the New Braunfels area for years, so we know the local area and all it has to offer!

Outdoor Activities in New Braunfels

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Fisher Park

This exceptional park offers a number of activities that visitors can enjoy.

It's one of the largest parks in New Braunfels. If you're looking for some outdoor healing filled with fresh air and the perfect warmth of sunlight and green scenery, this is the place.

The park is located on 62 acres of land. There's no better place to enjoy the Texas sun than at Fisher Park.

It's common to see families enjoying the serenity of the park on the weekend with their kids or dog. Avid fitness enthusiasts have a two mile paved running trail to use.

The park is also a good option for those who want to teach their kids to fish, as there are two well-stocked fishing ponds in the park.

Prince Solms and Tube Chute Parks

The Prince Solms Park is more geared toward physical activities and endeavors; the park has a baseball court, a tennis court, a disk golf course and a play area.

A number of qualified and professional coaches guide people in their sport of choice at this park. Don’t shy away if you're one who enjoys the sport only for fun, though!

The Tube Chute is a renowned tourist destination. It's a water slide that carries riders all around the city dam. This water slide is one of the longest tube chutes in the world.
comal tube chute

Landa Park

Landa Park is an ideal picnic spot sitting on a 51 acre plot of land.

It has several picnic facilities under its iconic giant oak trees. This park recently underwent renovations, and is now the ideal place for couples to come and enjoy each other’s company in a cute and relaxing atmosphere.

Other than picnicking, locals can also enjoy taking a walk or jog along the Panther Canyon nature trail. The management has also installed a miniature train that goes around the park. You'll get to see the Coman Springs and Landa Lake from the paddleboats.

Golf is favorite sport of many locals and is often enjoyed as a leisure activity. There are several golf parks and clubs in New Braunfels where you can have a unique golfing experience, but Landa Park has set itself apart from the rest.
new braunfels golf
This 18-hole course runs along the Comal River. Most players are challenged by its bunkers and undulating course. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, this is one outdoor event that we highly recommend.

There's also a miniature golf course where you can have a more casual afternoon experience.

Hinman Island Park

The Hinman Park is a beautiful tree-shaded park that lets you enjoy the breeze and view of the Comal River. Thanks to its proximity to the river, visitors can enjoy activities such as swimming, tubing, and fishing on the Comal River.

The park also has several amenities and facilities that allow locals to host parties, picnics, and small group events. In addition, there's a playground for kids. The park has favorable hours, opening from 6:00am to midnight every day.

Cypress Bend Park

This park is located next to the two beautiful Braunfels Rivers, the Comal and Guadalupe rivers. It gets its name from the thick linage of cypress trees around it.

This park is popular in the summer for fishing and evening events.

The Guadalupe and Comal rivers are known for their recreational activities, and these two rivers have become popular over the years. This explains the numerous parks and leisure spots that have come up along them.

It's also helped make this area one of the best areas to invest in New Braunfels.

In Conclusion: Outdoor New Braunfels Activities

New Braunfels is a city where you can enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer, sweat it out on the basketball court or teach the kids some old-fashioned fishing.

There's a wide variety of activities and you can be certain to find something for you, from the Texas-style safari to water activities to live music events.

If you're interested in moving to or buying property in the New Braunfels area, contact the property professionals at Limestone Country Properties and learn about our services.

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