How to Film a Great Video Tour of Your Rental

Do you want to showcase your rental to a wider audience online? Creating a video tour of your rental is a great way to show your rental property without having to schedule in person appointments. Additionally, a video tour helps narrow down interested renters.

In this blog, we'll share some tips and tricks to help you create a professional-looking walk-through video tour that will make your rental stand out.

Tips To Help Film A Great Video Tour

Creating a video tour is an excellent way to showcase your rental unit if you're looking to attract potential renters for your property. Video tours give viewers a clear sense of the space and layout of your property, allowing them to better understand what it would be like to live there. Here are some tips to help you film a great video tour of your rental:

Plan your shoot: Before you start filming, take some time to plan your shoot. Consider the lighting in each room, the order in which you'll film each area, and any specific shots or features you want to highlight. Also ensure that the end of tenancy cleaning was done properly after the last tenant.

Use a high-quality camera: While you don't need a professional-grade camera, it's important to use one that can capture high-quality video. A smartphone or a consumer-grade camera with 1080p or 4K resolution will work well.

Start with the exterior: Begin your video tour with shots of the outside of your property. This helps give viewers a sense of the neighborhood and the curb appeal of your rental.

a white and gray home with a well manicured lawn

Focus on key features: Highlight the most important features of your rental, such as spacious living areas, updated appliances, or beautiful views. Be sure to give viewers a clear sense of the size and layout of each room.

Be descriptive: As you film, describe the features and amenities of your rental. For example, mention the square footage of each room, the type of flooring, or any special features.

Keep it steady: Use a tripod or stabilizer to keep your camera steady while filming. This helps create a more professional-looking video and prevents viewers from feeling dizzy or disoriented.

Use natural light: Whenever possible, use natural light to illuminate your rental. Open curtains and blinds to let in sunlight, and avoid filming in areas with harsh or uneven lighting.

Edit your video: Once you've finished filming, edit your video to create a polished final product. This may include adding music, trimming footage, or adjusting the color balance.

Keep it short: Remember to keep your video tour relatively short. Aim for a length of three to five minutes, as viewers are more likely to watch a shorter video in its entirety.

a living room with a sofa and a wood staircase on the left

By following these tips, you can create an engaging and informative video tour of your rental that helps attract potential renters and showcases the best features of your property.

Step by Step Plan


The exterior of a rental property is the first thing prospective renters see when they arrive for a viewing, so it's important to make a good impression. When filming the exterior, start with the front yard and show any landscaping or design features that make the property stand out.

Next, move to the backyard and show any outdoor amenities, such as a pool, patio, furniture, or deck.

If the property has a garden or outdoor living space, highlight this too. Discuss any features that make the outdoor area unique, such as a barbecue grill, fire pit, or outdoor seating area.

Living Spaces

Once you've shown the property's exterior, it's time to move inside and showcase the living spaces. Start with the common areas, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Show the layout of each room and highlight any unique features or upgrades that make the space stand out.

Discuss the flow of the space and how potential renters could use it. For example, if the living room is spacious and has plenty of natural light, this could be a great place for renters to relax and entertain guests.


The bedrooms of a rental property are one of the key areas that prospective renters will be interested in.

a clean bedroom with a large bed

When filming the bedrooms, show each room individually and highlight unique features, such as storage or an ensuite bathroom. Be sure to show the size and layout of each room, and discuss any potential uses for the space, such as a home office or guest room.


When filming the bathrooms, show each one individually and highlight any unique features, such as a jacuzzi tub or double sink vanity.

Highlight any recent upgrades or renovations that have been done to the bathrooms. Renters will look for modern, clean bathrooms with updated fixtures and amenities. Be sure to showcase any new tiles, fixtures, or lighting that have been installed.


In addition to the living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms, a rental property's amenities and additional features can be a major selling point for prospective renters. When creating a video tour, showcasing these amenities and highlighting any unique features that make the property stand out are important.

If you choose to rent a furnished unit, highlight this too.

Discuss any additional amenities available to renters, such as laundry facilities, parking, or an on-site fitness center. Show these amenities in detail, highlighting any available equipment or machines.

Show any available communal areas to renters, such as a lobby or lounge. Discuss the purpose of these areas and how renters can use them.


Filming a great video tour of your rental effectively showcases its unique features when advertising and attracts potential tenants. By following our shared tips, you can create a professional and engaging video that will set your rental apart from others on the market.

At Limestone Country Properties, we understand the importance of a great video tour. If you're interested in renting out your property and need professional assistance, contact us today!

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