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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Canyon Lake, TX?

If you are, consider engaging the expert services of Limestone Country Properties.

When it comes to successful rental properties, experience is worth more than gold. Limestone Country Properties has both property management and real estate experience in spades.

Our team is composed of passionate property management experts, and we know how to grow your Canyon Lake rental property. We’ve successfully managed single-family homes, vacation rentals and multi-family properties over the years.

We make it our mission to customize our services to give each client the tools they need to achieve their real estate investment dreams.

Based in New Braunfels, Texas, we actively serve the Canyon Lake area. As one of the leading property managers in Texas, we are attuned to our clients’ needs.

At Limestone, we take the trust that our clients put in us seriously. All of our clients enjoy quality advice when it comes to important real estate investment decisions.

Limestone Country Properties focuses on long-term relationship building. Our clients can trust us to be there when tenants move out and when active property marketing is required.

From screening prospective tenants to setting the right rental price to handling property maintenance concerns, we are very involved in every step of helping you and your property.

Ready to experience a dedicated and hands-on property management style?

Contact us now at (830) 253-0018 or by filling out this form. We’ve got you covered, especially when it comes to critical state laws such as Landlord-Tenant laws, the Fair Housing Act and local Security Deposit laws.

Limestone Country Properties Services

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It's common for property management companies to perform the requisite services of marketing, tenant screening, rent collection and property maintenance. The team at Limestone Country Properties takes these services to the next level.

Our client-centric approach encourages good communication and fosters tenant loyalty. After all, our main aim is to reduce property turnover so property owners can ensure consistent earnings.

Over the years, we’ve helped plenty of landlords grow their rental business. When you work with Limestone, you'll experience our thorough and strategic range of property management services.

Here’s some detailed information of what we bring to the table:

Marketing Your Rental Property

We are experts in crafting excellent property listings. Our marketing techniques ensure that we’re able to continually attract a vast pool of prospects.

The more leads acquired, the better quality tenants we can select. Marketing your Canyon Lake property will be accomplished using a variety of effective tools used online and offline.

marketing your property

All rental property owners know that vacancies are one of the biggest possible drains of income. So we make it our mission to land you high quality tenants in the shortest possible amount of time by using our effective marketing strategies.

Tenant Screening Process

Once applications start pouring in, we'll always work fast to review them. It’s critical for us to verify the information submitted to us.

We’ll go over each prospect’s rent history, financial documents, credit score, and other essential information.

Tenant screening can be a delicate task to handle. One must be cognizant of the Fair Housing Act. Otherwise, you can be penalized even if any infractions were unintentional.

Some states will not allow a landlord to select a prospective renter based on source of funds. These may be tiny details but they can be when it comes to screening your tenants.

Rent Collection

We understand the importance of prompt rent collection. To support additional investments and property upgrades, property owners need a reliable stream of rental income.

That’s why we make it our mission to ensure your ROI remains consistent. Prompt collection of rent remains our highest priority and we’ve set up an efficient system to cater this need.

We have multiple payment channels available to tenants. They can pay online, at the office, or through the mail.

By focusing on convenience, we make it as simple as possible for tenants to make rent payments, which is an incentive for them to make payments in a timely fashion.

Once rental payments are made, we'll transfer the funds to you swiftly. Subject to your preference, electronic transfers can be performed for faster transactions.

Property Repairs and Maintenance

When tenants report property issues, we'll always attend to them as soon as possible. The habitability of your Canyon Lake property is foremost in our minds.

Turnovers are reduced when rental units are well-maintained. Marketing your rental unit to interested parties will also be far easier when the maintenance remains topnotch.

upkeep and maintenance

When a tenant experiences an emergency, we can be counted upon to resolve the urgent matter. We've worked with excellent licensed contractors to keep the value of your property up.

This leads to incredible savings in the long run. Apart from that, our property inspections are scheduled regularly to prevent costly property issues.

Detailed Financial Reporting

For your rental business to flourish, your financial record keeping must be organized. Limestone Country Properties provides an efficient system for you to track your performance.

Available 24/7, an online portal allows you to check your monthly statements, expenses, profit reports and real time payments. We can also assist when it comes to bookkeeping to keep your tax reports accurate.

About Canyon Lake, Texas

Canyon Lake is a small census designated place with a population of around 20 000 local residents. It was first inhabited in the 1960s, after the lake was created.

It's a relatively well-off area, with a median income well above the federal average.

Canyon Lake itself can be found around twenty miles northwest of New Braunfels in Texas Hill Country. The lake is a reservoir that's managed by the US ARMY.

The dam that formed the lake was built in the 1960s on the Guadalupe River, and it continues to provide flood control and water for the communities nearby.

It's also a hotspot for summer recreation. It's around forty miles both from downtown San Antonio and from Austin, which means people looking to get out of the city for some recreational time don't have far to go.

There are eight parks in the area of Canyon Lake where people can camp, swim, boat, and picnic. All of the park areas also offer bank fishing, and there are fishing docks as well.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Service

In addition to our services in Canyon Lake, we also offer our property management services in the areas of: San Marcos, Bulverde, Cibolo, New Braunfels, Spring Branch, Schertz, and Canyon Lake.

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If you own a rental property in any of these areas and are looking for professional help, get in touch with our friendly team today. We'd be pleased to give you an overview of how we can help your rental property thrive.