Tips to Keep Your Home and Investment safe

Your home is your investment and should be kept secure. It is a place of solitude and rest after a long day at work. How safe it also plays a big part in how your children will develop and grow. If you are planning on leasing out your property, the same applies for the renters.

As a property owner, whether you live on the premises or rent out your home, keeping it safe is top priority. It all starts with the simple practice of amping up the property’s security. Here are some tips that can go a long way.

The Main Entrances

Main entrances like the main gate or the back door should be strong and durable. For gates, you can use large metallic ones- although it is the more expensive option. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, then you can install deadbolts on your doors.

A deadbolt lock is more secure because it is not spring-activated and cannot be tampered with by a credit card or knife blade. This means that it must be activated with a key or thumb turn. Also, it has a metal lock that goes into the wall when you lock it.

door with a key and deadbolts
If you have a window next to the door, then you can go for a double-cylinder deadlock. This type of deadlock will stop the thief from reaching from the outside and opening the door from the inside.

Furthermore, protect your tenants by installing solid wood and metal doors. Ensure that you get good material for your doors so that intruders will have a hard time breaking them down. Intruders often use their observation skills to judge.

If your door looks a little flimsy, then intruders might be more tempted to knock it over. You want to have a solid entrance that a potential thief will have a hard time breaking through.

Another key tip is to be cautious when evicting bad tenants or tenants who have a criminal record. Make sure that you change keys occasionally after eviction just to cushion any future risk of theft occurring.

Check Your Window Security

Just closing the windows doesn’t guarantee security. Other steps are necessary to ensure that your windows are in good shape. Burglars can still smash windows and use the latch to open windows. That provides easy access to your home.

Installing locks on your windows is the best way to keep intruders out. Having this makes thieves think twice about breaking into your home. Even if they break the glass, they won’t be able to open the window.

Install External Lightning

The last thing any thief in the world wants is a sudden burst of light when conducting suspicious activity. It just spooks them out and instills fear even before anyone has to take action to call the police.

porch light
Installing motion sensor lighting for your backyard or front part of your house is a great way to deter break ins without having to take action. It is also important to ensure that your main entrances have good lighting to support CCTV systems- if you have them.

Install a Security System

Security systems are one of the best ways of protecting your property. A security system is reliable and will immediately alarm the surrounding area that there are people who are intruding the property. Tenants appreciate the extra effort a security system adds to ensure their safety.

The other need satisfied by this gadget is privacy. Security systems usually have access codes. Meaning that, no one except the tenant can enter that house. The only disadvantage with this system is that it can be costly in the short-term.

However, the cost of the alarm system can be passed on to the tenant by increasing the rent. With these extra amenities, you can lease your rental property at a slightly higher rent. Tenants will often gladly pay a higher rent in order to ensure their safety.

It’s also a great idea that the landlord or owner is present during installation to know how it runs and how to operate it in case of an emergency.

Advertise That Your Home Is Secure

After investing in security practices, then you need to make sure that potential thieves know about it. You can do this by putting signs on areas and surfaces like the front door or entrance of the property to warn anyone intending to break in.

mouse hovering over a security button
However, it’s important that you keep the signs simple and without too much detail. This means that you should not state the name of the company. Some thieves can work around the knowledge they have about the security system and hack into what you’ve invested in as protection.

Use simple yet clear descriptions to let thieves know that the property is secure, without giving them information to get around it.

Document All Your Furnishings

When making a [descriptive list of valuables]() you should have a detailed of each item that is present on your property to ease the process of replacement or insurance. The document should include details like the photo, serial number, model name and manufacturer. All of these essentials should be kept with you.

Should an item be stolen, you can easily identify what particular item. You can also make a report to the police together with the photo and all the necessary details.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Some burglars may scope out potential targets ahead of time.

lock on a blue door
Their goal is to identify what they want to steal and when. Most of the time, they have studied your routines and will know the right time to attack. With that in mind, it is essential that you keep your valuables hidden and if possible, in locked chambers that need access codes. These big-ticket items are usually targets and it’s your job to ensure that they are hidden. Otherwise, you may pay for your ignorance.

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